Stinex platform to buy/sell digital assets.

We’re reinventing the global crypto-trading world – secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way neglected communities participate in the global economics.

What is Stinex? What

Stinex is a centralsied/decentralized platform providing crypto trading services, with the ease of use and accessibility especially for the neglected markets .

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    Hybrid Platform

    Using Ethereum smart contracts to store users' fund safely on the blockchain.

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    Highest Security

    Built with security first in mind, producing the most secure system.

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    Multi Language

    Stinex will be serving users from various parts of the world with their own languages.


Stinex brings together the best of both traditional business and agile crypto models allowing users from ANYWHERE to be part of the innovation


By opening the gate to users to deposit and withdraw FIAT funds using different methods, Stinex is able to include more and more people from previously neglected nations. This means that tens of millions of potential users have a way to enter, trade, and profit in the unlimited world of crypto-currencies.

  1. Users can deposit FIAT funds using their preferred way such as Perfect Money, bank wire, or money transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram.
  2. They instantly receive their funds in their Stinex account, and are free to start buying their chosen coins.
  3. You now have the choice that every crypto trader in the world has: quick trade, HODL, transfer to your external wallet... They're your funds
  4. At any time, you can withdraw your profits using the same methods as in deposit. It is a simple yet an effective way of doing business.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

Millions of people use the Internet and want to be part of its economical innovation, but it is not possible due to the traditional and birocratic policies that are related to money.

Business Concerns
  • Lack of services that allow putting money into the Internet.
  • Banks do not make it any easier.
  • How to network with other investors / like-minded people?
Withdrawal Problems
  • In case of profits, there are no easy way to retrieve funds.
  • Banks make this way harder.
  • Even if there was a way, fees are too high to consider.
Education & Learning
  • Lack of knowledge in this new industry.
  • Resources are limited for the neglected communities.
  • Even if there are resources, they are still too generic to be able to learn from.
Security Concerns
  • Negative news about online scams and theft.
  • Unknown websites and platforms providing 'too good to be true' offers.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to secure ourselves.


Built by crypto users for the crypto users, Stinex team understood the exact needs of the traders including the potential ones.

On the Blockchain

Most funds are stored on the blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts

Fraud Prevention

With our combined security and KYC procedures, frauds are out of the questions

Next Generation Wallets

State of the art walets by facilitating Bitgo revolutionary security system

Super Fast Engine

Our trading engine can handle 4 million request per second. This is a revolution

Easy Deposit/Withdrawal

Easily fund your account even from countries with limited financial services

Very Low Fees

Lowest fees on withdrawals, trading, and deposits. In fact, no fees on deposits.

Learning and Education

Stinex provides many ways to educate users using online videos and written tutorials

Matching Engine

Trade with like-minded people from around the globe with the super easy platform

Stinex App MOBILE

Stinex will introduce its mobile versions for Android and IOS platforms, so you can trade on on the go.


Going mobile means that you can always be on the top of your business. No more loosing when the market suddenly moves. Mobile apps include:

  • Easy sign-in
  • In your language
  • Push notifications on events
  • Online quick support
  • Highest security implementations

EnterCoin ENTRC

Stinex platform is powered by EnterCoin; the coin of the most advanced financial system which Stinex is one of its many instruments.

Tokens available for trading

Only 5 Million tokens

Total number of tokens

31,000,000 EnterCoins

Minimum token price

Min. price is $0.55 USD

Smart Contract Address


Project details

Can be found here

How to get ENTRC?

From Stinex exchange

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Support Channels SUPPORT

Multilingual Support

Our featured support team speaks your language, using multiple channels.

Support Tickets

Open a support ticket at any time, and your problem will be solved in no time.

Online Chat

Cannot wait? Use our chat support system directly from the support page.


Send us a message to our Twitter page, and a ticket will be created automatically for you.


If you prefer Facebook, then you can always contact our support through our FB page.


The fastest way to get information anytime anywhere is through our Telegram groups in many languages.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please visit our support center.

To start trading, you must register a new account and provide the required information.

You must provide a valid email address, phone number, and photo ID.

Any government issued photo ID is accepted, such as a passport, national ID, or driving license.

Mainly to prevent any form of fraud, and this makes it easier for you to recover your account in the case of loosing your access.

Stinex supports three FIAT currencies: USD, EUR, and Turkish Lira.

Using Perfect Money for USD and EUR, via bank transfer for all currencies, or money transfers.

Services like Western Union and Money Gram. You must contact support prior to sending funds using this method to get the required information.

Yes, of course. You can deposit any supported cryptocurrency into your account to start trading.

Using the same deposit methods: Perfect Money, wire transfer, or money trasnfer services.

Yes, you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies any time you want to wherever your like.

Perfect Money funds can be 'sold' to any emoney service provider. You can see a list of some providers that we know in your country by visiting our support center.

US Dollars, Euro, and if you live in Turkey you can withdraw TL.

We have various support channels that you can use, including the self-service knowledge base, support tickets, Twitter, Facebook, and online chat.

Our multilingual support team makes the process easier and quicker. So yes, do not worry.

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. If they do not within 48 hours you can contact them again or use the online chat option in the support center.

It is always advised that you use the same email for both Stinex platform and support.

Some countries and networks do not allow SMS messages of this type. Please contact support to receive your code.

Make sure that it is clear, scanned, and valid. We cannot accept unclear documents.

Contact support by opening a support ticket. You will be asked for various information to prove your ownership of the account, and then it will recovered.

Learn, ask, educate yourself and work hard until you understand the concepts. It is not difficult but just like any other thing: you must learn.

Contact Stinex Contact

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.